Vitality Osteopaths – Marlow Osteopath Clinic

Treatment for neck, back, jaw pain with headaches
“Eva has been a miracle cure for me! Where other Osteopaths have failed, Eva made a quick and precise diagnosis ensuring a pain free experience for the first time in years. Not only is she an expert in her field, but she has a wonderful kind and caring personality making you feel that your individual needs are truly catered for. I personally wouldn’t see anyone else and I have heard a lot of people say the same!” (Sharrone, business professional, Lane End)

Teenager with back pain
“My son had quite nasty upper back pain that didn’t go after a week with the use of anti-inflammatory medication. I took him back to the GP where he was promptly referred for x-rays, which came back all clear. We were relieved but his back pain persisted making sleeping, exercising and even sitting in his chair difficult/painful. We went to see Eva as a last hope and thankfully she was able to help. She worked out that a fall onto the base of his spine playing football had locked up his back, which was giving him the pain. Within 2 treatments he was completely pain free. Now nearly every member of our family has seen Eva and she is always professional, polite and fixes the problem.” (Mary, mother of 3, Marlow)

Treatment for a baby with shoulder strain (shoulder dystocia) and digestive issues
“I had a horrible delivery with my second baby, her shoulder became stuck towards the end stage of labour. The obstetrician had to use quite a bit of force to get her out. Fortunately there were no broken bones but we noticed that once we got her home our little angel had quite a bit of discomfort when getting her dressed. She also had a bloated tummy, infrequent bowel motions and she cried a lot. Eva was amazing she was able to diagnose her shoulder strain and treated her very gently and skilfully. She also helped improve the frequency of her bowel motions making her a much happier baby. I would recommend Eva without hesitation. If I have any more babies I will certainly bring them to Eva for a check-up.” (Lucy, mother of 2, High Wycombe)

Treatment for a Neck Strain in a Toddler
“Within a few days of your 2nd treatment in Feb 2014, we started noticing great improvement in her range of motion.  By the time a week had passed she was entirely back to normal… no odd tension as she looks left and right, and she will happily tip her head right back nearly to her shoulder blades to gaze at ceiling lights, etc.

Although some people might attribute her recovery to the simple passage of time, all I know is that after a minimal improvement in the first days after her injury, she made no further strides to recovery for a solid month until we completed your treatments, and then suddenly she started getting better.  Thanks so much for your assistance and I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone else seeking assistance with their child.” (Krys, Mother, Marlow)

Treatment for back and shoulder pain
As a professional gardener I am prone to problems with my back, shoulders etc. After someone recommended Eva Winter to me I was sceptical as I had never been to an osteopath, always only doctors, and didn’t know what to expect. But I am extremely pleased with her, she does a fantastic job, I always feel immediately much better and pain relieved. She explains everything in a very friendly way, where and what your problems are, what she is doing about it, and how to try and avoid these problems in the future through certain exercises. I highly recommend her!

Treatment for Shoulder Pain (supraspinatus tendonitis)
“Having had a very painful shoulder for many months I was recommended to Eva by a friend. After several visits the improvements were incredible and my shoulder is now completely better. I thoroughly recommend Eva Winter.” (Robert, Retired, Princes Risborough)

Treatment for a trapped nerve and muscular strain
“I first contacted Eva in September 2013 as I was in terrific pain with my neck, shoulder and back. All I had done was throw the ball for my dogs, and then had a very painful massage at a local spa, which I thought would help, but it made it worse. Eva was very kind and agreed to see me the next day, travelling back from her clinic in London. When I walked into the clinic I couldn’t honestly say where the pain was coming from it was so severe. Eva examined me and gently found exactly where the pain was. She gave me treatment and immediate relief from the pain. She never ever hurt me at any of the sessions and I always left feeling so much better than when I went in. I had very badly damaged a muscle which, at the time, felt like it would never get better. I had a holiday booked in October 2013 and Eva worked very gently on me to get me fit enough to travel on the 4 hour flight that I was dreading. Eva used pain relief patches on me which were wonderful. When the time was right Eva gave me exercises to strengthen and open up my shoulder. I am happy to say I feel very fit now, have no more pain, and am back at the gym all thanks to Eva. I have told her many times “she is magic”. (Dorothy, Dog Trainer, Marlow)

Treatment for pelvic pain during pregnancy
“I developed problems with my pelvis/sacroiliac joint during the final few weeks of my second pregnancy, which meant I was in a considerable amount of pain with difficulties walking. Eva listened to my explanations of the pain I was experiencing and explained to me after examination what the problem was and then treated me accordingly. The pain eased significantly because of the treatment and became manageable rather than being unbearable. Without my visits to Eva during this time, I would have been in much more pain and not knowing where else to turn after bring told by several people it was all just ‘part and parcel’ of being pregnant. Her advice as to how to manage the problem and look after myself during that time was also greatly appreciated. A few post-natal visits to Eva after delivery ensured my problem was pretty much sorted and gone within a few weeks.” (Vikki, Mother of 2, Loudwater)

Treatment for shoulder and back pain
“Eva has treated me, my husband and my children very successfully. I have suffered from back pain since I was a teenager and regular treatment has stopped the mid back pain and shoulder pain that I have suffered from for years. I would recommend her highly for treating both adults and children. She is honest, reliable and very knowledgeable about the human body.” (Emma, Editor, High Wycombe)

Treatment for low back pain
“I went to see Eva suffering with severe low back pain I was also suffering with inflamed eczema over my lower legs, which was both sore and embarrassing. Through a 6 week course of osteopathic treatment and nutritional/supplement advice my eczema disappeared and has not returned (4 years ago now). My low back pain is a thing of the past with only the occasional flare up after too much gardening! I now know when it is time to see Eva and she helps to straighten me out. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”(Sophie, Office Manager, Maidenhead)

Treatment for an ankle injury
“Eva really helped me with an old ankle injury which I had sprained badly playing football. After I had injured it I had a tendency to keep going over on my ankle when I went jogging or played sport. Eva treated the scar tissue around my ankle and put together a stretching and rehabilitation programme for me to do at home or in the gym. I am happy to say my ankle hardly ever gives me any problems now which allows me to keep active and playing the sports I enjoy.” (Peter, Accountant, Beaconsfield)

Treatment for neck stiffness and ‘flat head syndrome’ in a baby
“We brought our 7 week old son, Toby, to see Eva. I had a difficult and long delivery with him requiring forceps. After the first two weeks we noticed Toby would only look one direction and no matter what we did to encourage him he kept looking to the left. We were advised by other health professionals that the issue with his neck would sort itself out over time. Despite our best efforts it didn’t get any better and we began to get more concerned as his head shape began to change becoming flat on one side. Eva was recommended to us and we weren’t disappointed. She had a professional, caring approach and was very knowledgeable. During Toby’s first treatment to our surprise he began to turn his head to the right, which he had never done before. We had a further 3 sessions each time his neck improved and his head-shape also began to even out and become more rounded. Eva gave us some very useful advice and gentle stretching exercises to carry out at home. We would have no hesitation in recommending her – we only wish we had done it sooner!” (Jane, Nurse, High Wycombe)