Cranial Osteopathy

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Antenatal preparation, Osteopathic care during pregnancy and post natal support

Eva is the only osteopath in Marlow to hold a 2 yr post-graduate specialist qualification in paediatric osteopathy and has extensive clinical experience treating children of all ages. She had undertaken placements at various hospitals providing treatment for premature infants and children with various disabilities. Eva has a particular interest in paediatrics and pregnancy as she believes there is nothing more rewarding than helping give a child the best start in life. She has built a considerable reputation in paediatric and pregnancy care helping women prepare for delivery and providing post-natal osteopathic treatment for both mother and baby. Low back pain and pelvic pain are common in pregnancy due to postural and hormonal changes. Osteopathy offers a safe and effective way of dealing with these changes helping to make your pregnancy more enjoyable and pain free.

Osteopathic Treatment Can Also Help With:

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)
  • Piriformis syndrome – buttock pain
  • Sciatica and leg pain
  • Rib and upper back pain
  • Neck and shoulder ache
  • Headaches
  • Fluid retention
  • Carpal tunnel… and many more

Pelvic Checks:
Eva offers postural assessments to her pregnant clients to check their pelvic alignment and eliminate any unnecessary strains placed on the body during this very important adaptation process and help them prepare for delivery.

Benefits of Treatment:

  1.  ‘Time out’ for you in a  supportive environment
  2.  Reduction in your pain levels
  3.  Improvement in postural awareness
  4.  Specific exercises tailored for you
  5. An increase in your sense of well-being & energy levels

Birth Stress & Cranial Osteopathy for Babies

Birth can be one of the most stressful physical events in the lives of both mother and baby. There are enormous forces applied to the babies body with each contraction as they twist and turn down the birth canal. Post delivery the process of suckling, crying and yawning helps babies to release retained moulding in their cranium (head) from the birth. However, in long or assisted deliveries with the use of ventouse or forceps the baby may have been exposed to excessive forces leaving them quite uncomfortable. This may manifest in excessive crying, inability to put the baby down and discomfort lying on their backs.  Equally in quick or C-section deliveries babies may have difficulty expanding post-delivery and retain their in-utero positioning making them more prone to sluggish bowel movements and digestive discomfort. Osteopathic assessment helps to identify birth strains and treatment helps to resolve these with gentle hands-on techniques.

The number of treatments is determined by the severity of birth strains, the symptom picture and how quickly baby responds to treatment. An average number of treatments for babies is typically 2-4, although some will require more treatment dependent on the complexity of the birth and presenting symptoms.

Common reasons why parents bring their babies for osteopathic treatment:

  • Suffered a difficult birth (using instruments ventouse and or forceps)
  • Unhappy, distressed and tense
  • A stiff neck
  • A mis-shapen head (plagiocephaly)
  • Positional talipes (feet turning inwards)
  • Difficulties breast feeding
  • Poor sleeping

Early osteopathic treatment can reduce or help to eliminate the need for cranial orthotic helmets in babies to correct head-shape. Treatment helps to address the underlying cause of the baby’s mis-shaped head.
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