Treatment for Children

Vitality Osteopaths – Marlow Osteopath Clinic
Paediatric osteopathy

Eva is the only osteopath based in Marlow to hold a 2 yr post-graduate specialist qualification in paediatric osteopathy and has extensive clinical experience treating children of all ages. Osteopathy for children uses very gentle hands on techniques and is suitable for the most fragile of babies. Eva is very experienced and has treated babies with osteopathy in Neonatal Intensive and Special Care and children of all ages in general paediatric wards in various hospitals. Eva also worked as a clinic tutor at the Osteopathic Centre for Children where she taught post-graduate osteopathy to qualified osteopaths. Eva regularly receives referrals from other health professionals such as GPs and orthopaedic consultants.

Parents seek treatment for their babies and children with a diverse range of symptoms and problems. Musculoskeletal tension not only causes discomfort but can also affect development, movement, alignment and posture. Babies express their pain or discomfort through changes in their behaviour. If a baby is uncomfortable there may be an increase in crying, poor sleep or not feeding well.  In a toddler a similar pattern of tension may manifest in more complex ways involving certain behaviours or developmental issues.

Osteopathy involves assessing their body for stresses and strains acquired in early life, through the birthing process or being confined to a limited space while in the womb, along with a full biomechanical assessment.